WORLD NEWS: China and France Sign New Deal To Improve Cooperation On Nuclear Energy


A Chinese nuclear power operator signed an agreement Tuesday with a French energy organization to strengthen cooperation on nuclear power technology.

The transaction, between China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN) and the French Alternative Energy and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), concentrates on areas like nuclear reactor technology, improved fuels and materials, and nuclear fuel cycles.

Under the deal, CGN and CEA will increase cooperation in the upstream and downstream nuclear power industry chain, also reactor life management and the concept pattern of the fourth-generation nuclear energy technology.

He Yu, chairman of CGN, said the new agreement will enhance bilateral exchanges in nuclear power technology and open new space for Sino-French nuclear power cooperation.

Founded in 1994, CGN is the largest nuclear power operator in China, with 39,000 employees worldwide. It focuses on the development of clean energies such as nuclear power, nuclear fuel, wind power and solar power.

The CEA is a key organization in research, development and innovation in France. Its main areas include defense and security, nuclear and renewable energy, and physical and life sciences. (


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