WORLD NEWS: London Photographer creates Black Digital Model, the Internet Reacts


A photographer in London, Cameron-James Wilson is the creator of Shudu, a dark-skinned digital model.

Shudu was designed according to black models like Duckie Thot, and has gotten huge followers on Instagram, with a repost from Fenty Beauty.

Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar, Wilson said Shudu is motivated by the current “movement with dark skin models.”

He also revealed that Shudu was created using a 3D modelling program. He said:

“Basically Shudu is my creation, she’s my art piece that I am working on at moment.

She is not a real model unfortunately, but she represents a lot of the real models of today. There’s a big kind of movement with dark skin models, so she represents them and is inspired by them.

I use a 3D modeling program. It’s like virtual photography, so once I create her, I can kind of pose her in certain ways.”

The internet has however kicked against Shudu, saying it’s another way to avoid compensating black women, and to keep them out of public spaces.

See what they people say below:


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