WORLD NEWS: 2 Students Injured, Gunman found Dead at Maryland High School


Yesterday, a shooting occurred at Great Mills High School in Maryland which left 2 injured and the shooter, a 17-year-old male student dead.

Based on reports from CNN, the shooter, Austin Wyatt Rollins shot a male and female student; who he had a relationship with earlier, with a handgun.

Austin Wyatt Rollins was seriously injured in the time of the conflict with the school’s resource officer and was pronounced dead later, though it isn’t certain if the shooter killed himself or was murdered by the officer’s bullet.

The 16-year-old girl was hospitalized with a life-threatening wound, and the 14-year-old boy who also suffered a gunshot wound to the thigh is in good condition.

The school has about 1,600 students and ambulances, firetrucks and other emergency vehicles crowded the parking lot and the street outside, where about 20 school buses lined up in the rain to take students to nearby Leonardtown High School to be picked up by their parents.



Photo Credit: Bloomberg


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