PREMIER MUSIC: Reggae Hits Vol.1 By Various Artistes


In 2009, Premier Records Ltd. released a compilation of different reggae songs titled Reggae Hits Vol.1 by various artistes like Ras Kimono, The Mandators, Orits Williki, Blackky, Evi Edna Ogholi, Alex Bitto & Petterside Ottong.

The 13-track album can be obtained below;

  1. Ras Kimono – What’s Gwan
  2. The Mandators – Rat Race
  3. Orits Williki – Fight The Fire
  4. Blackky – Skank
  5. Evi Edna Ogholi – Ririovera
  6. Alex Bitto – Rythym Of Your Heart
  7. Ras Kimono – Gimme Likkie Sugar
  8. Orits Williki – Don’t Blame The Youths
  9. Evil Edna Ogholi – Look Before You Cross
  10. The Mandators – Rise To the Top (Nigeria)
  11. Alex Bitto – Country Girl/Walk With Me
  12. Petterside Ottong – On The Side Of Life
  13. Ras Kimono – Under Pressure II



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