PREMIER MUSIC: Reggae Hits Vol.2


The second volume of Reggae Hits was served up in 2010 under Premier Records Ltd.

The album- Reggae Hits Vol.2 comprises of various reggae stars like Ras Kimono, Orits Williki, Peterside Ottong, Evi Edna Ogholi, Endee Ikeji, The Mandators and Blackky with their hit songs.

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  1. Ras Kimono – Natty Get Jail
  2. Orits Williki – Ten Cammandments
  3. Peterside Ottong – Where Are The Prophets?
  4. Evi Edna Ogholi – One Kilometer
  5. Endee Ikeji – Revolutionalize The Nation
  6. Endee Ikeji – Stand Up Right
  7. Ras Kimono – Kimono De Want
  8. The Mandators – Apartheid
  9. Blackky – Bang Belly
  10. Orits Williki – Conqueror
  11. Orits Williki – Judgement A Come
  12. Blackky – Skank
  13. Evi Edna Ogholi – Obaro


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