MUSIC THROWBACK: The Best Of Dr. Victor Olaiya – Evil Genius Of Highlife


In today’s throwback, we bring you a highlife legend known as Dr. Victor Olaiya.

Victor Olaiya is considered to be one of the better trumpet players in Nigeria. His career started out playing a variety of music including waltzes and highlifes.

In 1952, Victor decided to form his own band which became known as the Cool Cats. His popularity grew throughout the 1950s and 1960s. He became a night club owner in the ’70s and continued with his music.

This album is a compilation of his hit tracks titled The Best Of Dr. Victor Olaiya – Evil Genius Of Highlife and was released in 2013 under Premier Records Ltd. Get it below:

  1. Moonlight Highlife
  2. Opataricious (Victor Olaiyas I
  3. Africa
  4. Mr. Judge
  5. Yabomisa No.2
  6. Ekwe Ngbaduga
  7. Oruku Tindi Tindi
  8. Laba Laba
  9. Fami Mora O (Gbasoledeo)
  10. Lafia We Lawani


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