CALLER RING BACK TUNE: Ras Kimono – What’s Gwan?


Oseloke Augustine Onwubuya, popularly known as Ras Kimono was born in Ekeleke Elumelu, Delta State, Nigeria. He started out his career as a student of Gbenoba Secondary School Agbor and later as a member of the Jastix Reggae Ital, alongside Majek Fashek, Amos McRoy Jegg and Black Rice Osagie. His music was greatly influenced by the poverty, inequality and hardship he witnessed in his early life. He released his solo debut album Under Pressure on the Premier Music label in 1989, which propelled him to instant continental stardom. The album had hits such as “Under Pressure“, “Natty Get Jail” and the massive hit “Rhumba Style“. He later released a string of hit albums, touring all over Africa, Europe and the United States, promoting his brand of reggae music. He won several awards including the Nigeria Music Awards, Fame Music Awards and many more. In 2010, he was still performing to a loyal fan-base of all ages and his music is still played on radio, throughout West Africa.

He died at the age of 60 on 10 June 2018 in Lagos, Nigeria

To get What’s Gwan by Ras Kimono as your Ring Back Tune; Text 0601013 to 4100. For MTN subscribers only.


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